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An introduction to LissC [liss-cée]

Since a young age, I have been a passionate creator and entrepreneur. As a woman, I often struggled with self-doubt and self-image throughout my career. My epiphany came one day when watching a video-stream about modern glamour portraiture. When I saw the results that transformed the models through professional hair, make-up and photography, I knew that this was my calling.

Able to call on extensive experience as a professional hairstylist and an inherited passion from a photographic family, my photography took on a new direction and I knew what I wanted to achieve. By providing women with the same experience, my goal is to make you the best that you can be! We all know that once in a while we capture a nice image of ourselves. My process creates the opportunity for this to happen in a controlled manner, leaving nothing to chance.

Successful portraiture is an art. By combining my skills and insights and working together with you, I can help reveal your true beauty. Self-acceptance and empowerment are the less visible elements of a LissC Studio experience – but just as important. My unique combination of styling, photography, hair and make-up guarantees first-class results. By developing your desired look together with you, I can then approach your portraiture in a holistic and integrated manner – as I am the sole creative in the process. What you gain is a unique vision. A unique version of you!

My mission is to provide you with a vibrant, conscious, interesting, fun and fulfilling experience: a professional documentation of special moments and a reminder of your significant life— the one in which you’re actually excited to get out of bed in the morning, and that genuinely makes you feel like the stunning, powerful being you are.” LissC

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