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      Olaplex & BondPro+. 2 Amazing Hairdresser treatments.

      Olaplex & BondPro+. 2 Amazing Hairdresser treatments.

      Superstar-quality hair promise made by groundbreaking chemistry discovery!

      We love OLAPLEX!

      Hairdressers and Technicians in the Hairdressing Industry are saying!

      In this post: 

      • I’ll introduce you to Bond-Multipliers.
      • Explain what it is.
      • What it does.
      • What you can expect.
      • What you should ask for when visiting a HairSalon. 
      • How much does it cost?

      Olaplex was patent by Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker, two of the world’s leading chemists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RHO_WVQYlg This dream team developed a single chemistry ingredient that is free of silicones and oils. Olaplex relinks broken bonds in the hair before, during and after chemical services.

      “Bond multiplier” or so-called Bond-builders, which patented active ingredient is a compound called bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate … And begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

      Repairing chemically, thermally and mechanically damaged hair and thereby helps to maintain more vital hair health.

      As the Bond Multiplier is mixed with hair dye, the present earlier mentioned ingredient helps reconstruct and restore the broken sulfur-hydrogen bonds within hair during the hair-colouring process.

      At your request or your stylist suggestion, Olaplex will be added to your Colouring and Balayage services.

      A wide range of Hair Bond Multiplier products is formulated by manufacturers and some global brands like; Croda International Plc., Earthly Body, Inc., Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Keune Haircosmetics Manufacturing B.V., Kao Salon., L’Oréal S.A., Lakmé Lever Private Limited, Olaplex LLC., among others.

      Hair Bond-Multipliers revolutionary effects.

      Bond-Multipliers will ensure your hair is strong enough to withstand Colouring, Highlights and even complete Bleaching and leave your locks feeling healthy and soft!.

      The Bonder Stand-Alone treatments are an unparallel salon service that helps in hair rejuvenation. Repairs damaged hair and maintain strong, healthy hair.

      The Bonder treatments produce great instant results on all hair types, including virgin and naturally curly hair. If your hair is curly, the therapy will help you to redefine the curls. After the treatment, your hair will feel incredible, be frizz-free, have more manageability making it easier to style and look healthier and shiny.
      But… Here’s the Pearl!.

      “Olaplex is to Bond-Multiplier, what a Betamax was to a VCR”

      Yes! It is the same thing; only one gets known by the manufacturer’s name and the other by what it is.

      Olaplex vs BondPro+

      And now we are including BondPro+ in our hair treatments arsenal.

      I’m excited to introduce Goldwell BondPro+ to our hair treatment service range.

      Olaplex has been an integral part of our services from the start as we are a Colour-Specialized oriented hairdressing service/salon. Therefore; Our client’s hair safety is always at the forefront of our minds.

      Hair Bond-Multipliers are pretty expensive as compared to other hair repairing products present in the market.

      Olaplex is a fantastic discovery and a beautiful product and has a genius and ever-expanding marketing strategy. They have created an extensive range of hair care and styling products to appeal to professionals and consumers ( 9 to date, ranging from 0 to 8 ). Each mixes various concentrations of the main ingredient with other additives to target different necessities and wanted results, as support at-home maintenance of the Nr.1 and Nr.2; a system for professionals use available only in-Salons exclusive treatment service.

      You may want to read reviews about Olaplex #0 and #3, a system for consumer at-home use at the Sephora community site.

      Other manufacturers focus on developing products containing Bonder in their formulas and delivering only for professional use.

      Hair Bond Multiplier Market – Global Industry Analysis 2025. https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/hair-bond-multiplier-market.htmlmore vital hair health.

      Book your Stand-alone Bond-multiplier Olaplex / BondPro+ treatments or your ultra safe Colouring session here.
      Depending on your hair length, prices start at € 35 a shot in your colour formula and €50 as a stand-alone treatment.
      Hair Colour Specialist. The ART of Hair Colouring!.

      Hair Colour Specialist. The ART of Hair Colouring!.

      How did you become a hair colour specialist, and what does qualify you among others?

      Oh Gosh!, That was a long time ago!. It started with some work experience and then at school, and I was aware right away of my passion for Colour. I was quite intimidated at the beginning. A teacher at the time makes the analogy: “It is just like cooking”. But, there are two kinds of cooks you see. One is the passionate born cook like me ( Lissc ) , who doesn’t necessarily like to cook but like to eat well and spoil people, mixing ingredients with love, passion, and good taste.

      The second is the technical one, who follows the recipe by the book, measures and knows precisely how one ingredient will affect the other and respect the cooking time. When it comes to hair colour, you instead want to be like the second one.

      Hairdresser colour specialist _Hair Colour Specialist_hairsalon_Kapsalon_balayage_beste kapper amsterdam_haarkleur specialist_haarkleur_

      Shades of brown hair colouring chart

      Hair Colouring is a chemical process and exact science.

      First, you need to understand and master the colour theory and have the colour wheel ingrained in your system. Second, you have to be always very technical, precisely measure every ingredient of your formula to achieve consistent results on your repeating client.

      I have witnessed countless times during my working experience that many colleges who had Colour-Specialist written on their cards find themselves in a particular situation of stress in a busy salon or with a 5 min belated client—catching up time just by eye-bolling the mixture. Applying it way too soon before it reaches the right level of Alkalinity (5 min ) or washing it off too soon before the required exposure time ( can vary by brand ) last 5 min are crucial for pigment fixation. Chemistry and science make you an Artist.

      My Photography has also helped me with my unique approach to Colour. Although you work with pigments on natural fibre when you dye hair, you work with light in Photography. Still, the same principles apply; the presence or absence of one colour influence the other one.

      I must help you understand your base colour and hair type, what will look great, and what we can achieve.

      What you find more interesting about your work?

      I am very social; I like meeting other people from different backgrounds. It is tremendously enjoyable, learning and rewarding. I love being around people, and I’m also client-oriented. Make them feel comfortable and serving them. This profession is a good fit.

      I honestly can not imagine a better profession or Industry to be in it. It’s not just what I do; It’s the people I come in contact with.

      What should people take into consideration when going to the Hairdresser for Colour?

      Take a sample of some kind for your desire colour with you. Your description of champagne blonde might differ with one of the specialists -it’s convenient to have a visual example of the Colour you wish. I also find that many clients often don’t consider the amount of time required; they won’t walk out of the salon in 30 min. It’s necessary to take the time for it!.

      Apart from that, the specialist should tell you if your expectations are being realistic and what’s possible or not. Getting to honey blonde coming from aubergine red it’s almost impossible at one time and can compromise hair health. It’s always imperative to do very throughout the consultation. I’m most happy and fulfilled as the clients leave the salon feeling satisfied and fantastic.


      “It is necessary to maintain hair hydrated. Dry and porous hair will fade and lose the colour faster”.

      What hair colour suits me?

      What do you think of doing at home colouring?


      Hair Colouring is something I always advise as “Don’t do this at home” It seems like a good idea and practical solution to pick up a package from the local drugstore. They are made for a broad audience, so it’s not customised to individual needs, you get this hefty build up over time, and it causes problems, including breakage. If your hair & Colour’s quality is essential to you, as it should be!, and you don’t have the expertise, it’s not a good practice to go DIY and economical, believe me, You’ll regret it! And it will be much more expensive in the end. I’ll say: Leave that to the professionals.

      At the salon, we have different levels, which means we can adapt it and use the right strength needed for your hair type; it’s much kinder for hair. We also prepare the formulation often out of three or four different colours to get exactly the right blend for you.


      “The formulation of the drugstore box-dyes is different than the one professionals use. Besides, you’ll never get the colour that the celebrity on the package is selling”. So, avoid retail hair dye colour packages at all costs!

      Hairdresser colour specialist _Hair Colour Specialist_hairsalon_Kapsalon_balayage_beste kapper amsterdam_haarkleur specialist_haarkleur_

      Hair colours for your skin tone. Hair colour pictures with highlights and lowlights.


      Are you able to tell what’s the Colour trending tendencies nowadays?


      Trends are for followers and the masses and are subjective to the season. LissCStudio strives for uniqueness and personalizes service. I always recommend my client choose a hairstyle and Colour that fits their personality, features and lifestyle. Balayage is an excellent technique with fantastic results, and it’s been required for a while and returns throughout the whole year. I enjoy doing it and think it’s here to stay.

      “Balayage is a strong trend that has been requested for a long time now and comes back year after year”.

      Hairdresser colour specialist _Hair Colour Specialist_hairsalon_Kapsalon_balayage_beste kapper amsterdam_haarkleur specialist_haarkleur

      Brown hair colour shades. Hair colour pictures highlights. Balayage hair colour chart skin tone golden brown hair colour. Balayage vs Ombre. Difference between highlights and balayage technique. Hair salons near me.


      The Fantastic Hair Flip!.

      The Fantastic Hair Flip!.

      Why is it important and a must-have…


      How to get a 100% The Fantastic Hair Flip Now!.

      Hair salon near me


      A woman who tosses her hair is typically a confident one, and she’s trying to lure one’s into her presence, by flipping back her hair to fluff it. In the last years, the prestigious annual movie celebration “The Oscars; includes in the red carpet reviews, not only the best creations of well established and upcoming fashion designers, fabulous jewels from the most exclusive houses worn by the cutes female snouts on the planet, but also, the perfect hair flip as the ultimate accessory to crown their red carpet parade.

      A series of cameras placed around a 360-degree stage capture “that” ideal hair flip, it is so important, it can make or destroy the look. Hair flip. Did you know that is even included in our modern way of communication as an Emoji? kiss

      Laugh with some anthropological, activist or even political quirky examples behind this apparent useless female hairstyles and body language. See the flip video manual here:

      Healthy hair is the key…


      How-to. Hairdresser near me.


      However, I have one bad and one good news for you. The bad news is; Not every woman can do that! And the good news is; Every woman can do that!.

      It all depends on the quality of her hair, you see!. The ultimate beauty accessory is health; the healthier your hair, the more it shines, moves and bounces. When your hair isn’t healthy, it lacks vitality, shine and movement, but looks dull, static or brittle. But you already know that!.

      The great thing is that you can own beautiful, healthy hair if you have already taken care of, and flaunt it with a Fantastic Hair Flip. In any case, no need to spend a fortune by purchasing and testing every other product you see on the market. But, you need to have the right product information.

      My ambition is to provide you with that information here at The Fantastic Flip, where I research, personally test and review high-end and professional hair products. I hope you’ll find it useful. If you want me to research and review a product or hair related topic, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please send me an e-mail with your request.

      Healthy, beautiful hair in 2021!


      Corona rules & Safe Hairdressing

      Corona rules & Safe Hairdressing

      Covid-19 safe hairsalon

      DEAR Client:

      As you heard at the press conference, the government will lift the lockdown measurements on the 2nd of march, shops and non-essential businesses reopen. Due to all the precautions, I can provide you with a responsive, safe hairdressing service and continue offering it. The world is experiencing a global pandemic of infection with the coronavirus. The Dutch approach’s essence is to set the virus up to check where the vulnerable groups are protected.

      I will be available to a limited number of customers.

      The appointment I have with you continues from my side. I follow the policy that we are only human beings; in practice, I can be reasonably confident that you are healthy.

      Therefore, if you answer “yes” to one of the following questions related to coronavirus diagnosis, I invite you to contact me and cancel or reschedule your appointment. 



        • Do you have Corona now?
        • Do you currently have roommates/family members with Corona?
        • Have you recovered from Corona less than two weeks ago?
        • Do you have one or more of the following symptoms: cold, sneezing, cough, sore throat, tightness, fever (more than 38 degrees)
        • Do you have roommates/family members with these symptoms?
        • Are you in home isolation? How long does coronavirus last?
        • Do you live in a nursing home or an institution for people with an intellectual disability?
        • Control question: Are you otherwise healthy, and do you currently feel healthy?

         Because hand hygiene appears to be a critical source of contamination in this virus outbreak, I will ask you to disinfect your hands with hand alcohol when you arrive or meet. I’ll be wearing a surgical mask at all times. I request that you do not touch your face and items such as mobile phones; afterwards, we try to keep the 1.5 meters distance recommended by the national government. At the same time, I assure you of purifying my workspace and the proper disinfection of my hairdressing equipment.


        Kappers Corona maatregelen

        Some additional instructions:

        Do not arrive too early, so preferably just before the appointment. Come to your appointment alone! Only if strictly necessary, a maximum of 1 person or child may come along. I’ll meet you or welcome you with a smile but not shake your hand.

        For all treatments, I will wash your hair/head for at least 1 minute. I adhere to the Guideline Infection Prevention of coronavirus transmission during your session, and I have taken additional hygiene measures.

        Due to the scarcity of protective equipment and cleaning materials, purchase costs have increased enormously. However, I’ll still provide you with a surgical mask at your request.

        You can safely contact me for your hair care treatments. I can’t wait to see you again!


        Enjoy a Covid-19 Safe hairsalon / Hairdressing Service!

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